About Research Dev Cell

About Research & Development Cell



The KJSIEIT Research and Development Cell through teaching and collaborative research seeks to increase the scope and impact of research and scholarship—in service to the community, nation and to the world. The R&D Cell focuses on multidisciplinary research, with engineering and applied sciences to advance with innovative technologies and provide solutions to societal challenges and for sustainable development.



  • To provide students with a thorough knowledge of engineering to refine their professional skills.
  • To nurture creativity and innovation while encouraging multidisciplinary interaction.
  • To train students to be industry ready and capable of working effectively as an individual and in a team.
  • To inculcate ethical behavior, responsibility and commitment among students.


  • To facilitate and encourage students and faculty members to come up with innovative techniques using basic concepts of Science and Technology which will help to address societal needs in cost effective and efficient manner.
  • To address problems across different verticals like Bio, agriculture, healthcare, education and make the research work marketable.
  • To raise funds to support and materialize innovative ideas of students and faculty members by collaborating with different research organizations and government agencies.
  • To facilitate researchers to get Intellectual property Rights on their work. To create common research facility and incubation centre.


Short Term Goals
  • Scopus and SCI Index Publications
  • Seek funding for Major research Grant
  • To increase the work in funded major research projects
  • To increase the consultancy projects
Long Term Goals
  • To become the Center of Excellence in the field of Agriculture and Health Sector
  • Promote the Multidisciplinary Research work