DLLE - Department of Lifelong Learning and
Extension, University of Mumbai

K J Somaiya Institute of Technology, Sion has been registered with DLLE, Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension, University of Mumbai during Academic Year 2019-20. Now, an opportunity is open to students to gain 10 marks grace at Final Exam during every year provided that they are working for 120/240 hrs of extension activities/projects. As our founder Karamshibhai J. Somaiya was committed to the ideal, "What we receive from society, gives back multifold", in his path, KJSIT - DLLE works to achieve its goal.


"Reach to the Unreached"


  • To develop a sense of social responsibility and prepare students for greater social commitments.
  • To enhance employability skills as personality development, team building, presentation skills, writing abilities, time management skills, organizing skills, entrepreneurship and leadership skills of the students.
  • To deepen the teacher's and student's knowledge through a wider exposure to real life situations through a variety of programs.


  • DLLE centre received Consolation prize for poster presentation at Udaan Flight of Extension 2020, Annual Festival by DLLE, University of Mumbai in January 2020, a great achievement.

  • KJSIT - DLLE organized Second Term Training Program for Extension Teachers and Students on December 23, 2019.

Extension Dimensions

To facilitate the sensitization of the student to the socio-cultural realities, DLLE offers for the Student’s extension work projects encompassing social issues.

  • Vocational Career Oriented Projects
  • Community Oriented Projects


Students learn team building, leadership skills and also understanding social issues through community programs organized by KJSIT-DLLE.

  • The students are closely associated with social issues.

  • DLLE activity creates a strong networking among the students and the society.

  • The engagement with DLLE activities nurtures the sense of deeper social commitment.

  • It develops team building and leadership skills among students.

Academic Incentives and Benefits

  • Ten grace marks at the End Semester Exam.
  • Certificate from Mumbai University.
  • First Term and Second Term Training Programme in Extension Work Activities (Community Work) related to Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Industry Orientation, Status of Women in Society, Career Project, Population Education, Information Technology etc. for Extension Teachers & Student Managers

Contact us

Dr. Sandhya Kadam,
Extension Teacher, DLLE