IBM Innovation Center for Education (ICE)

(Cutting edge, industry-aligned courses, delivered through a futuristic framework)
Academic Year 2020-2021

Industry requirement to employ technically skilled resources is becoming more focused, and mission critical in many cases. Depth of skills, among students, along the current technology as well as domain lines, thus, is increasingly becoming crucial.

To address this need, K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology (KJSIEIT) and IBM have partnered together to offer IBM technology courses for KJSIEIT students, giving students an opportunity to get skilled in futuristic technology areas needed by industry.

IBM is one of the largest IT organization’s in the world and is known for its research & development; innovations that have transformed the world. IBM in collaboration with some select university’s world-wide run technology specialization, industry-aligned courses leading to better employability prospects for students.

Programme Details

Streams Of Technology Specializations :

  • Data Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Types of Courses:

  • Graduation (4 year-8 semester Program-1 course per semester)
  • Diploma (3 year/2 year-6 semester/ 4 semester Program-1 course per semester)
  • Certification (1 year-2 semester Program-1 course per semester)

Fees Structure :

  • IBMs offer to SVV group of institutions at a concessional fee of Rs. 30,000/- + GST (18%), which comes to Rs. 35,400/- per year.

Program Schedule :

  • Saturdays and Sundays from February 2021.


  • Project Based Learning : The theory courses are augmented by adequate project work, which will help the students apply the knowledge they gain in classroom. Much of the project work will be hosted on the online platform.
  • Vibrant Courseware : The courses have been developed by IBM with the help of technology experts from the industry, who review and keep it relevant as per the industry requirements. This support comes from the IBM Labs and other connected groups.
  • Guest Lectures and Student Interactions : Regular visits to the Campus by IBM / Industry experts, helping students learn from their experiences.
  • Industry Events / Quiz / Campus Competitions : The IBM program has been designed to provide many avenues for the industry-student interactions.
  • Student Monitoring & Tracking : The online platform tracks the work the student puts in the ecosystem. This includes the project milestones, support which the student provides/receives, articles, assignments, by the student.


Upon successful completion of the program, the students will be awarded

  • An electronic badge (certificate) from IBM.
  • An opportunity to work on industry aligned projects, as part of the program.
  • Understand the applied aspect of technology
  • Get an insight into how projects are delivered in the industry.
  • Helping the student with the confidence to face the interview team during their placement cycle.
  • Help students to acquire industry-relevant technology skills and prepare them for an exciting career ahead.
  • Enhanced knowledge will provide a competitive edge over their peers from other institutions
  • Prepare students for meeting the real-world challenges.

Admission process

Today, SMEs and Govt. departments are moving to Open Source Software like Linux OS.

Students with this knowledge will have an edge in the job market. They can also become entrepreneurs and use Open Source Software in their businesses, and save money vs., if they were using commercial software. Net - it is a win-win situation for all. We are having a very good experience with colleges across the length and breadth of India with this format.

They start with one and move to cover more batches, more departments, different FOSS series….All working together to Bridge the Digital Divide in our nation.

Outcomes ( Certificates from Spoken Tutorials, IIT Bombay )

Certificate of Participation

Received on completing Training
( i.e. after 30 days from Semester start date )

Completion Certificate

Received on completing Online Assessment Test.

Fees Structure

Documents Required

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