K. J. Somaiya Institute of Technology (KJSIT), was established by the Somaiya Trust in the year 2001 at Ayurvihar campus, Sion, Mumbai. The College is housed in a G+8 storeyed spacious building and International Standard state of the art Riturang building with Airy Classrooms, Hi-tech Laboratories, Library with e-Access to Digital Resources, Wi-Fi, Auditorium, Seminar Hall, Open air Cafeteria and Amphitheatre, Butterfly Garden, Indoor and Outdoor Sport facilities, Administrative office, Common rooms and many more...

KJSIT Main building

K. J. Somaiya Institute of Technology (KJSIT), was established by the Somaiya Trust in the year 2001 at Ayurvihar campus, Sion. The College is housed in a G+8 storeyed building and in the International Standard of Riturang building with airy classrooms, hi-tech laboratories, library, auditorium, administrative office, canteen, common rooms, etc.

Skating and Cycling track

Somaiya Sports Academy, an initiative of Somaiya Vidyavihar has launched Mumbai's first banked skating and cycling track at its Sion campus. Used for roller derby events, a banked track is an oval skating surface designed with raised and sloped turns.The skating bank has specifications in line with National tournament requirements (200 meters inner oval and approx. 240 meters square on the outer perimeter)


The Institute has a well equipped air conditioned auditorium measuring 460 sq. meters for conducting extra-curricular activities like technical seminars, lectures, workshops, students activities and other cultural activities which normally are a part of the academic calendar. Training and placement activities are regularly conducted in the auditorium and seminar hall.

Seminar Hall

The Institute has a Seminar Hall with Wi-Fi and Audio Visual display facilities for conducting activities like technical seminars, lectures, workshops, students activities and other cultural activities. Training and placement activities are regularly conducted in the seminar hall.


The institute has Eighteen spacious, well lit and ventilated class-rooms and a drawing hall, designed to provide students with a clear view of board and LCD projection, good audibility during the theory lectures. The classrooms have provision for audio-visual aids. 5 classrooms are smart classrooms with interactive boards.

Sports Facilities

A wide range of sports facilities are available to our students on both the campus. Gymkhana provides facilities to practice sports. Our sports complex consists of indoor Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Badminton, Squash, outdoor Table Tennis, outdoor Chess, Lawn Tennis court, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Courts for Basketball, Volleyball ground, AstroTurf football, Football ground and Grounds for Cricket. Also we have a running track of international standard and other areas for athletics events. Skating Rink is also developed at our Somaiya Campus at Sion. Students are trained by coaches to pursue their desired sports.


A Specious Canteen with delicious food is available in the newly constructed Riturang Building. Institute has installed a composting system through which canteen food waste and organic waste in the Institute premises are converted into useful manure.


The institute has 827 computer terminals with the latest Intel-i3 configuration and are loaded with advanced application and system software on LAN and Wi-Fi. Internet accessibility is provided for 24 hours with the bandwidth of 150 Mbps. Common Computing facilities are available with dedicated internet connectivity in laboratories. State of the Art laboratories with high end equipment.

Ayurvedic garden

The Ayurveda garden on the campus, spread over a sprawling 3.5 acres with 10,000 medicinal plants (over 100 species) emits an aura of organic healing.

Extension building - Ruturang

Eco-friendly Infrastructure Institute has developed a butterfly garden in the campus to make the campus environmental friendly. Ring well is available on the campus which is used for rainwater harvesting.


K. J. Somaiya Medical College, Hospital And Research Centre was one of the notable projects with its 550-bed General Hospital and 56-bed Super-Specialty Hospital, the K. J. Somaiya Hospital complex boasts of the finest medical infrastructure that matches the best in its class worldwide and is absolutely unrivalled in the Eastern Suburbs of Mumbai.


Knowledge Resource Centre - The Library - is filled with books of all kinds of genre for students to choose their pick and read away. Library truly is an integral part of the institute. The Library has more than 6500 titles, more than 22300 volumes and 500 E-journals. It has a built-up area of approx. 410 Sq. Meters and sitting capacity of 100 students.

Cricket stadium

The somaiya cricket Ground in sion is a class 1 facility that is set for top-level cricket tournaments. The ground has a lush green outfield of international standard with a 68-70 meters boundary. It has four floodlights installed to meet the class 1 criteria of 750 average Lux level.

Football Turf

Somaiya Football Turf in Sion, is one of the top Sports Ground in Mumbai

Open Gym

There is an open gymnasium which aids in the development of physical fitness and is a stress buster after long hours spent in the classroom.


The hostel accommodation will be provided as per availability for outstation students at Vidyavihar campus and Ayurvihar campus, Sion which is spacious, provides hygienic nutritional food and recreation facilities.

Visit website for details  - https://www.somaiya.edu/en/ashtavakra/

For Hostel Enquiry contact - Ms.Kavita Kadam ( 022-44444403 )


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