Bachelor of Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science | B.Tech AI-DS

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is an interdisciplinary branch of science, engineering and technology creating a complete ecosystem and a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the technical industry, academics and research. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is the future of technology which are changing the world at very high pace. The basic objectives of this course is to train students with the next age of Intelligence and analytics generated by machines, influencing nearly every facet of our lives to help improve efficiencies and augment human capabilities, influencing consumer products with significant breakthroughs in healthcare, manufacturing, finance and retail industries.

With the tremendous amount of data generated every day and the computing power available, Data Science plays important role helping every business organisation in identifying business trends and changes through advanced Big Data Analytics with variety of techniques and tools to interpret and predict business results and future from multiple data sources through statistical analysis, data aggregation, and data mining. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science undergraduate engineering course has been started by the institute from the academic year July 2020 with the intake capacity of 60 seats.

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Key Information


A Career Always in Demand
Job is Every part of World
AI is Changing Lives
Become Data Scientist
Become IOT Master
Dgital World
Learn Text
Jobs & Industry Diversity
Train Machines

Career Paths

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science offers scope in the field of :

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Statistician
  • Business Analyst
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Data Journalist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • AI & ML Lead
  • Data Scientist
  • Deep Learning Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • NLP Engineer
  • NLP Analyst
  • Research Scientist


Semester I Semester II
Engineering Mathematics I Engineering Mathematics-II
Engineering Physics Physics and Nanotechnology
Engineering Chemistry Materials Chemistry
Engineering Mechanics Engineering Graphics
Basic Electrical Engineering Computer Programming
 (S/A/T)--I Professional Communication Skills
Basic Workshop Practice-I (S/A/T) –II
  Basic Workshop Practice-II
Semester III Semester IV
Applications of Mathematics in Engineering-I Applications of Mathematics in Engineering-II
Discrete Structures and Graph Theory Analysis of Algorithm
Data Structure Database Management System
Digital Logic & Computer Architecture Operating System
Computer Graphics Microprocessor
Data Structure Lab Analysis of Algorithm Lab
Digital Logic & Computer Architecture Lab Database Management Systems Lab
Computer Graphics Lab Operating System Lab
Project Based LearningMini Project Lab-I Project Based LearningMini Project Lab-2
Skill Based Learning-III Skill Based Learning-V
Activity Based Learning-IV Activity Based LearningVI
Semester V Semester VI
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Neural Network
Data Warehousing and Mining Machine Learning
Software Engineering Data Analytics and Visualization
Information Theory and Coding Big Data Analytics
Department Level Elective-1 Department Level Elective-2
Computer Networks AI in E-Commerce
Image and Video Processing AI in Agriculture
Embedded System and Design Internet of Things
Algorithms for Bioinformatics Bioinformatics Data
Artificial Intelligence Lab Artificial Neural Network Lab
Data Warehousing and Mining Lab Machine Learning Lab
Software Engineering Lab Data Analytics and Visualization Lab
Department Level Elective-1 Lab Department Level Elective-2 Lab
Business Communication and Ethics Project Based Learning – Minor Project Lab-2
Project Based Learning - Minor Project Lab-1 Skill Based Learning-IX (R Programming)
Skill Based Learning-VII Technology Based Learning-X
Technology Based Learning-VIII Internship-5
Semester VII Semester VIII