Research Advisory Committee

Research Policies

The Institute Committee on Research Development and Consultancy is formed which comprises of senior faculty of the institute. This committee shall review the policies of institutional support for faculty research, development, consultancy and sabbatical leaves and shall encourage and assist faculty in securing outside funding for research, consultancy and development activities. The duties and functions of the Research Development and Consultancy (RDC) Committee shall be:

  • Identify regular source of grants, consultancies and conference publications over the year and update the faculty regarding the same.

  • Encourage faculty members to seek grants from external sources like CSIR, UGC, AICTE, DST, DAE etc.

  • Verify, validate proposals and provide the support needed by the faculty and students for research, development and consultancy.

  • Preparing projected and revised budgets for research, development and consultancy of students, faculty and staff.

  • Formulate recommendations and policy for the strategic development of research and research training, in conjunction with other relevant committees of the institute.

  • Monitor operational goals within the context of the Institute’s Strategic Plan and to contribute through active participation to enhance the quality of the Institute’s research performance and research environment.

  • Study and recommend national and international trends on the development of performance indicators for research monitor the appropriate use of funds allocated to research and research infrastructure, prepare proposals for change in policy and any other research-related matters that may arise from time to time, if any.

  • Research Development and Consultancy Committee will conduct research advisory committee meeting twice in a year.

  • Research Development and Consultancy Committee should take suitable actions to implement suggestions given by the Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

  • Research Development Consultancy Committee should submit feedback and report concerning research development and consultancy activities semester wise.

  • Research Development and Consultancy Committee should generally meet once in a month in person to monitor the progress of RDC activities.

  • The faculty with maximum number of participations/publications is peer reviewed journals (like SCI or SCOPUS) / reputed conferences / FDP/ STTP / Workshops/ Seminars per year based on maximum R&D. API will be appreciated and rewarded yearly.

  • If a faculty is the first author in a paper and the affiliation for the paper is to K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering and I&T and intends to present it in reputed international conference hosted outside India, the institute shall grant/ reimburse total amount paid towards registration fees by individual faculty from faculty R&D fund as follows:

    1. If the amount is more than faculty R&D fund then depending on the previous 1 year R&D API >50% then the request will be considered for sanctioning from departrment. R&D funds.
    2. A faculty can avail this facility once in two year.
    3. The sanction/permission is subject to the final approval from the principal time to time wherever is applicable.
  • Incentive to Students Participating In Regional, National or International Competition

    1. For sanctioning students research project funds proposals will be called from departments before mid of August every year and based on the scrutiny of RDC committee and after final decision in HOD meeting 1 or 2 best proposals per dept. will be approved for sanction from department R&D funds.
    2. Student project funds will be sanctioned from dept. R&D funds.
    3. Transportation (Railways Normal Chair/ Bus State Normal Chair) expenses will be funded only if the project wins in the project/poster competition outside Mumbai.
    4. The proposal submitted by the students must follow the standard format and undertaking and should be first approved by the HODs with department R&D In charge and Project Guide before submission to institute.
    5. Institute will co-own the intellectual property rights of the projects.
    6. The funds will be disbursed in parts. On submission of the proposal, 50 percent of the total expenditure will be dispensed and remaining 50 percent will be dispensed on the completion of the project within the specified time frame.
    7. Funding will not be provided for already completed project.
    8. The projects will be funded only if the outcome of the project is useful to the society and the institute at large level.
    9. The funds will be provided only on submitting the original receipts/tickets of the concerned equipment, registration certificate, transportation and complete report with photographs.
    10. If the paper of the students is selected in reputed journals with impact factor more than 2 than 50 percent registration will be reimbursed by the department R&D funds.
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