Application Development

Kisan Khazana Healthy Earth Wealthy Farmer Mobile application

  • From June 2020

      To April 2022


Kisan Khazana is an android based mobile application to assist farmers in making use of the available resources, to guide them take decisions and to help them improve their yields at large. Lack of awareness about available techniques, tools, chemical products is commonly noticed among farmers. They don’t have handy resources which can guide them on making soil more productive, irrigation methods in situations like scarcity of water. They don’t have any means of acquiring equipments, fertilizers, seeds and seedlings well in time.Kisan Khazana  is a guide which helps them triumph all these issues. It brings the information, the resources and the utilization mechanism at their fingertips and in many languages-English, Kannada and Marathi.This mobile application can be used by GBL and NonGBL farmers to utilize the functionalities like online order of farming related items, soil testing, Fertilizer calculator.Farmers can download this app from Google Play Store free of cost.



Objectives of Project

To use science to develop solutions for challenges faced by farmers while increasing productivity and ensuring the health of the earth.
Outcomes of Project


It provides opportunities to farmer to make proactive and well informed farming decisions that lead towards sustainable agriculture practice.


Significance of Project related Society / Other.
Kisankhazana mobile application is used by  3000 farmers of Karnataka for farming  related activities

Team Member Information –

Prof. Shyamal Virnodkar

Prof. Kavita Bathe

Prof. Mrunali Desai

Principal Investigator


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