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Programmable Laser Engraving Machine

  • From July 2019

  • Project Status: On-Going

Nowadays technology is increasing in rapid growth the usage and implementation of CNC systems in industries and colleges but at greater cost. According to our idea on fabrication of compact and cheap cost CNC Engraver is introduced to reduce complexity, cost and manpower. The design and implementation of a two dimensional CNC router which can engrave 2D & Gray scaled images or pictures with help of a high watt burning laser module on surface which can be paper, wood, leather, plastic, foam. A device for engraving a two-dimensional graphic output from a computer on wood. The printer is able to engrave vector graphics in two (X & Y) axes of motion. Most of the engraver is designed in bi-directional movement and square type models. Whereas X-Y engraver design is concerned, axis movements are mounted on each other and belt driven mechanism for engraving. Laser engraver uses a very fine matrix of dots to form images, such that while a line may appear continuous to the naked eye, it in fact is a discrete set of points.




Laser Engraver is a portable mini CNC machine. It is accurately synchronized with the Arduino for better response on the measurement of X and Y axis. It operates on two axes of motion in order to engrave vector graphics or text on a given surface. Laser engraver uses a high watt laser for engraving on wood lying on the flat surface area. It is achieved by connecting the Arduino to the computer, the GUI then gives commands to the Arduino for engraving the designs on wood. The GUI is responsible for sending the necessary plotting dimensions. It consumes less power and works with high accuracy due to precise control of the stepper motor.



Wood Surface                                                            Acrylic   



      Cloth                                                                       Paper                                                          

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